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Business English and Business Communication

This course is aimed at those who are already working but find their progress blocked because they lack some of the communication and soft skills that are expected in corporate offices as well as those who wish to be equipped with these skills before they enter the job market. These include skills such as how to hold meetings; write emails, letters and reports; make presentations and handle clients, all of which are necessary components of professional competence today. 

Our aim is to ensure that by the end of the course, our students are able to

  • Ø  Analyse communication situations and audiences to make choices about the most effective and efficient way to communicate and deliver messages – this includes communication within and outside an organisation
  • Ø  Develop interpersonal communication skills
  • Ø  Make effective use of language to ensure that messages are conveyed clearly while maintaining an organisation’s goodwill
  • Ø  Provide and accept feedback and use feedback to improve communication skills

The course is open to both working professionals as well as to those wanting to enter the job market. All candidates are expected to take an English language proficiency test to enable us to assess whether they have the necessary language skills for this course. 
Students opting for the course have to be have a proficiency level in English equivalent a CEFR grading of B1 to be admitted to the course. 

The fee for a 60-hour module is $350. Students are expected to buy the recommended books and CDs (from Oxford Unviersity Press) for the course. The institute will help them procure the books and other  material, if possible.  

We admit only students who are fifteen and above. A new batch is launched only if there is a minimum of three students. The maximum batch size is five, so that it is possible for us to provide individual guidance to each student. 

All classes are through video conferencing on Skype. Your place of residence (wherever it may be in the world), therefore, does not act as a constraint on your joining the course.