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Communicative English

Excellent communication skills in English have become critical to success in life. Since English is the language of international business, one's ability to communicate well in English often makes the difference between success and failure. For the many expatriates from non-English speaking countries, daily chores that involve interacting with locals become onerous because they lack English language skills.

The Institute offers a six-level course in Communicative English at the beginner's, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate upper intermediate and advanced levels. The courses are divided into 60-hour modules. Students usually take about two modules to complete one level. 
The classes are held three times a week at a specified time. Each session is for one and a half hours. It usually takes about thirteen and a half weeks to complete one module.

Progression to the next level of the course is based on an assessment of the learning outcomes at the end of a module. What level a student would like to progress to is a decision that is left to the person concerned.

All students wanting to enrol for the course have to take a placement test to enable us to judge what their current proficiency level is. The tests, which are computerised, are bought from Oxford University Press. These are supplemented by a brief interview to test the speaking skills of students wanting to enrol. 

The fee for a 60-hour module is $350. Students are expected to buy the recommended books and CDs (from Oxford Unviersity Press) for the course. The institute will help them procure the books and other  material, if possible.  

The courses are highly interactive with plenty of opportunity to practice all four language skills to enable students to communicate comfortably and confidently in English. Our aim is to help students to

  • Acquire proficiency in all key language skills - listening, reading and comprehension, speaking and writing
  • Be able to converse fluently in the language
  • Improve vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Write clearly and effectively, and
  • Gain confidence and improve their personality
We admit only students who are fifteen and above. A new batch is launched only if there is a minimum of three students. The maximum batch size is five, so that it is possible for us to provide individual guidance to each student. 

All classes are through video conferencing on Skype. Your place of residence, therefore, does not act as a constraint on your joining the course.