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About us

The Institute of Business Communication and Languages (IBCL) specializes in enabling our students to acquire the language proficiency needed to communicate effectively. Our highly skilled faculty uses interactive teaching methods to ensure that, at the end of their course, students can use the language effectively outside the classroom. 

Originally called the English for Specific Purposes Academy before being registered under its current name in June 2007, the Institute initially began with onsite delivery of courses at various institutions and colleges. The Institute of Integrated Learning in Management at Lodhi Road and Gurgaon, the Janki Devi Memorial college, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation and the European Commission Office for Humanitarian Aid are among the institutions for which we have conducted courses. Besides, the institute has also conducted courses and workshops on effective writing and presentation skills for companies. The curricula for courses and the delivery mode (training workshops, regular courses) were developed in consultation with the organizations we serviced.

The Institute has now moved away from on-site teaching, although we continue to take on on-site training and teaching contracts for corporate clients. Our students include a large number of expatriates from non-English speaking countries as well as Indian students, a combination that makes learning at the institute a truly multi-cultural experience for our students.